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Dr.Agasthian's Feedback Collection Policy


This policy document covers the philosophy, intent and methodology used by Dr.Agasthian's to collect Feedback from Patients about Doctors and other Practitioners who are part of the Dr.Agasthian's eco-system.

Philosophy and Intent

Dr.Agasthian's believes in transparency and authenticity, and these are the 2 primary pillars on which the Feedback collection system is built. We intend to help Patients make a well-informed decision when it comes to their Health and authentic Feedback helps them achieve that. Doctors being / will be our closest friends throughout our journey, would be the other beneficiary, with authentic Feedback circulating in the Patient circles.

How we collect Feedback

As present Dr.Agasthian's endeavours to reach out to the following group of authentic Patients or customers.

  1. Patients who have booked appointments through or Dr.Agasthian's Application:

     Dr.Agasthian's reaches out to these Patients via SMS/E-mail or Telecall within 3 days after their scheduled appointment schedule and ask them for Feedback on their appointment experience at the Clinic with the Doctor. Dr.Agasthian's has complete ownership of this flow of feedback collection since Dr.Agasthian's is responsible for giving the best experience to patients booking an appointment. We also request patients or customers can also provide feedback online in our website directly, All the feedback will be published after the internal review from the Dr.Agasthian's team.
  2. Patients who have booked appointments with Doctors or Health care service providers using Dr.Agasthian's Application :

     The Dr.Agasthian's Application has an in-built feedback module to collect patient feedback after their appointment. Dr.Agasthian's seeks prior permission from the patients or customers of the Dr.Agasthian's Application to share this feedback with Dr.Agasthian's .

Nature of Feedback

The Dr.Agasthian's Feedback Collection System currently asks Patients about their appointment experience. The information collected would primarily be categorized as below:

  1. Doctor recommendation – whether the patient would recommend the doctor to his/her friends and family
  2. Wait-time – how long the patient had to wait for his/her appointment
  3. Healthcare Services – Patient’s testimonial about appointment experience with the Doctor or experience with the service provider.

4. Healthy offers – We request our customers to share the feedback about the offers they have received via Meidkoe from Healthcare service providers, this will enable us to bring many more offers for our customers and also improve the service levels.

Authenticity of Feedback Collection

As part of our efforts to collect and display authentic Feedback, Dr.Agasthian's abides by these set of rules:

  1. A Patient would be probed with SMS/E-mail for Feedback on an appointment with a Doctor or Healthcare Service provider.
  2. A Patient cannot give multiple Feedback for a single appointment


Appointments booked via Dr.Agasthian's includes (but not restricted to) appointments from the following sources:

1) Doctor and Practice profile on Dr.Agasthian's .com or smartphone apps

2) Dr.Agasthian's Direct Contact

3) Dr.Agasthian's .com widgets which have their presence across partnership websites, Doctor’s micro-site provided by Dr.Agasthian's  Doctor’s or Healthcare service Provider Facebook page, Doctor’s or Healthcare Service providerwebsite and other online entities